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Soccer Ball for Dogs

Soccer Ball for Dogs

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Whether you are a soccer fanatic or your dog just loves to chase after unusual objects, this could be a toy for you and your dog.

Increase interaction with dogs: Football adopts a lightweight, floating design and can be played in swimming pools, lakes, and beaches. Enhance the interactive emotional communication between you and the dog.

Safe and multifunctional: The airbag covers the ball's surface, so it is kicked and bounced just like a normal football. Good elasticity helps dogs strengthen their muscles and bones and consume excess energy, Durable nylon loops are sewn into the seams of the dog football to make it easier for the dog to bite the ball. 

Durable & Soft: Made of durable and soft TPU material, wear-resistant, bite-resistant, safe and tasteless. and durable yet soft on a dog's teeth, and jaws. Placing the ball in a well-ventilated place can effectively reduce the odor of the material itself in a few days.

Makes your dog happy: Ball dog toys have a lot of sensory stimulation, help your dog fight boredom, reduce naughty behavior, and provide lasting entertainment. When it stays at home or outside, you will have a happy dog.

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