About Us

As lifelong dog lovers, we started this business to share our passion for caring for man's best friend. Our two protection dogs,Luna and Dior, are what inspired us to create high-quality products that keep dogs healthy, happy and comfortable.

When we got Luna 4 years ago, we were shocked to discover how few affordable options there were for items like beds, coats and toys. Most were low-quality or too expensive. We wanted to change that. After years of research and development, we launched this store with the goal of providing effective, durable dog products at affordable prices.

Every decision we make is with Luna and Dior in mind. We personally test all our products to ensure they stand up to tough love from energetic dogs. Our suppliers are chosen carefully for their excellent standards in ethics and sustainability.

More than a store, we hope to become part of our community as advocates for canine welfare. If you have any questions about your furry friend's needs, we're always here to help. Above all else, we want every dog to feel as loved as our Luna and Dior are.