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IQ Treat Ball

IQ Treat Ball

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Hide treats or food in the ball and keep your four-legged friend physically and mentally active. Sufficient exercise and stimulation are important for any dog, so Treat-A-Ball is the best indoor toy and will keep your pet busy even on rainy days.

Studies showed that less playtime leads to behavior problems like anxiety and aggression and that dogs don't come when called. 

Perfect mix between playing and eating. This provides a perfect balance and also promotes the intelligence of your dog. 

Having trouble controlling your dog's energy? Sniffing and mental stimulation can effectively drain energetic dogs. 

Hide treats or dog food and let your loved one play to get the food. This encourages and engages him through all his senses.

It's made of high-quality and robust plastic and impresses with its long-lasting quality. This makes it one of the most popular toys among dog owners. 

With the dosage setting, you can easily adjust it to your pet's needs. 

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