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Slow Feeder Puzzle

Slow Feeder Puzzle

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Slow Feeder Puzzle

This Slow Feeder Puzzle is designed for dogs of all ages who need assistance with eating at a slower pace. The non-slip bowl prevents any spills, while the adjustable difficulty level gradually increases the challenge for your pet.

The added bonus of enticing snacks within the toy will keep them engaged and focused. A must-have for pet owners looking to improve their dog's eating habits and intelligence. Slow Feeder Puzzle is the perfect solution for pet owners who want to improve their dog's eating habits and mental stimulation.

With its adjustable difficulty level and enticing snack feature, it ensures your furry friend eats at a slower pace, preventing any spills with its non-slip bowl. This innovative feeder is a must-have for every dog owner looking to enhance their pet's mealtime experience and overall intelligence.

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