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Buddy Muddy PawWasher

Buddy Muddy PawWasher

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Buddy Muddy Paw Washer

Introducing Paw Washer - a revolutionary product for pet owners. Made of high-quality silicone, it's safe for pets' skin. Just add water, massage paws, and rinse for fast reusability. Suitable for any size pet, use it at home or on the go for clean, healthy paws.


  • Easy to Use, use Tinioey dog foot washer to clean dog paws, just put the muddy paw into the cup and twist a few turns, Want to free your hands?
  • Gentle Silicone Brush The puppy paw cleaner is made of soft and skin-friendly. Don't worry about your puppy's uncomfortable
  • Perfect Gift for Dog Lover The paw cleaner for pooches is an ideal present for all pet parents. 

How To Use:

  • Step 1: Add some water to the foot washer
  • Step 2: Guide your dog's paws into the soft gentle silicone bristles
  • Step 3: Twist back and forth so that the silicone bristles can thoroughly clean the paw
  • Step 4: Remove and discover a much cleaner paw, dab the paw dry with a towel
  • Step 5: Discard water and rinse clean


Package Includes:
1x Dog  Foot Washer Brush Cup

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